Year 5




Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

During our assembly this week the children learnt all about the monarchy, and in particular Queen Elizabeth II, who celebrated her 90th birthday on 21st April 2016. The children also learnt about how life has changed for the people of Great Britain during her reign...

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A Lenten Retreat for Y5 at Minsteracres

Yesterday our Year 5 class, accompanied by Miss Mooney (Class Teacher), Miss Kennedy (TA) and Peter Lavery (our Parish Deacon) had a wonderful visit to Minsteracres. On first arriving, the class were met by Sister Therese, who talked to the children about the life of...

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Performance Poetry Week

A recent visit by poet Paul Cookson, to every class in school, was used to kick start our very own Performance Poetry inter-class competition last week. The children were wowed by the poet (who also said he was 'wowed' by the children's skill and enthusiasm)...

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Learning Life Saving Skills

Following on from our participation in the Big First Aid lesson live in the Summer term, our Y5 and Y6 classes recently took part in an afternoon of training in First Aid skills led by St John Ambulance. The initiative, funded by the Department for Education, is part...

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Macbeth Theatre Visit

Our Y5 and Y6 class were treated to a visit to Washington Art Centre to see a production of Shakespeare's Macbeth this week. Here's what they thought of it! "I thought it was scary but awesome." Tommy. "The porter, who was narrating the story was funny, especially...

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Y5 and the Ancient Egyptians

This term the Year 5 class have been studying the Ancient Egyptians. This involved working in clay to create various Egyptian artefacts including sarcophagus', canopic jars and cartouches (see photographs below). The topic culminated in a visit to the Great North...

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Other Faiths Week – Judaism

As part of our R.E. curriculum, the classes study the belief systems of Other Faith groups and this term the focus was on the Jewish Faith. Each of the classes took a different aspect of Judaism to explore, including Jewish festivals, Jewish teachings and rituals. The...

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Y5 visit Kielder

As part of their Geography topic, our Y5 class visited Kielder water to find out about water management and water use. The visit included a visit to the Kielder Dam, a talk by a member of the Northumbrian Water outreach team and a short film. After their water...

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