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Author Visit – Introducing Will Mabbitt

At St Joseph's our children love reading and we are always looking for opportunities to introduce new authors so, with the help of our kind friends at Blackwells bookshop in Newcastle, we arranged a visit to school by author Will Mabbitt. Will came into school to tell...

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A Day at Beamish for the whole school.

On Friday, the whole school set off for a visit to Beamish museum. Following an outreach day earlier in the week, each class took part in special WW I and II workshops on topics ranging from evacuees, to the home front and front line soldiers. As always lots of the...

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Around the World in One Day!

Year 4 have been off on their travels again but this time it didn't even take them out of the class (well that is if you don't count a Bollywood dance lesson in the school hall!) Miss Allon and the TAs organised a 'visits' to four different countries including: India...

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Y4 Heritage Walk

Last week, our Y4 class, together with members of the Birtley Heritage group, went on a walk around Birtley seeking historic evidence to help them learn more about the forgotten history of the Birtley Belgians - 6000 of whom settled in the region during the First...

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Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

During our assembly this week the children learnt all about the monarchy, and in particular Queen Elizabeth II, who celebrated her 90th birthday on 21st April 2016. The children also learnt about how life has changed for the people of Great Britain during her reign...

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Vicious Vikings at St Joseph’s Juniors!

Had you been visiting our school hall and playground this morning, you might have felt as if you had travelled back in time, as you would have seen a rowdy mob of vicious vikings running wild! That was our Year 4 class, who under the guidance and instruction of Ragnor...

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