Last week, the aqua savvy Super Splash Heroes visited our school to teach us about the ‘Get Water Wise’ programme, which encourages us all to spread the message of how to use water wisely and save water every day. The Super Splash Heroes show is an innovative, educational pantomime performance and interactive workshop developed in partnership with Northumbrian Water. Here are just some of the things that the staff and children commented on after what proved to be a very enjoyable and informative show:

I thought it was very funny and loved the comedy and our pupils related well to the actors being children.
Use of language that kids use made it credible and real.
Characters were likeable and of a similar age to the children so made it relatable.
The young super splash hero characters helped engage the children, they all want to be a super hero.
They could relate to them and were using the actions and talking about how to save water at break.
The actors put the information into context for every day, making it easy for the children to remember.

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