This week our Year 5 Class had a field trip to the River Breamish in Northumberland as part of their Geography topic learning all about the different features of a river. The visit was a follow on from their session in school, led by a member of The Sill* ( learning team, to find out about the River Breamish – its route, its unique features, and its amazing wildlife. Through interactive games, the children leant about the important work the National Park does in conserving our clean rivers, and why this is so important.

The second part of the investigation took place on site at the River Breamish, where the children were able to explore the river and the surrounding areas, investigate the river’s characteristics, discover the animals that live beneath the surface and understand how it has shaped the landscape over the centuries.

*The Sill is the UK’s National Landscape Discovery Centre at Once Brewed in the Northumberland National Park,a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Sill is a showcase of local pride and passion. It features exhibitions, learning and event spaces, a local food café, a  brand new Youth Hostel, rural business hub, and a shop specialising in local crafts and produce.

‘I loved the whole day, especially getting into the river and finding so many different insects and animals – and it was my birthday! (Alan)

‘My best bit was was the boat race over the rapids.’ (Ellen)

‘I liked measuring the width of the river because I had to go into the deeper water and it went inside my wellies.’ (Jack)

‘I loved being in the beautiful countryside, the river and valley were so nice. And we learnt so much!’ (Rebecca)


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