This week, it was the turn of our Year 3 class to lead a special Lenten Liturgy. As quiet music played, all of our classes followed Year 3 into the hall, hands joined where parents and parish friends had gathered, and the liturgy began with everyone being invited to make the sign of the cross. The opening prayers reminded us all that Lent is a time in the Church’s year when Christian families trys to make a new start by giving themselves to God and others, through prayer, giving up things and doing good deeds. That Lent is a time when Christians stop and think about following the example of Jesus – a time to grow in goodness.

In the Gospel reading  we will heard one of the Sorrowful Mysteries: The Agony in the Garden. Jesus was deeply troubled and full of sorrow. He knew his death was near and that he would have to carry the sins of the world to the Cross. Jesus gave his life for us, because he loved us so much. Though he was distressed and afraid, he did what God wanted him to do. On Good Friday, Christians go to church to remember how Jesus died for us.

To help us remember that Jesus died because he loved us so much, everyone present was invited to us adore the cross for a few moments in silence – just as Christians throughout the world do every Good Friday. The Y3 children then led us in the hymn ‘The Servant King’ inviting everyone to join in with the chorus before they read their own prayers which they laid at the foot of the cross.After a very moving liturgical dance, the children led everyone out of the hall quietly and reverently.


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