Our School Eco Group, working together with our Mini Vinnies, have been busy again this week. First of all taking part in a bit of a ‘Spring Clean’ by litter picking in and around the school grounds.Then the next thing they tackled, with the help of our caretaker Mr Waugh, was was the installation of several bird boxes in our school garden.

“We made sure that we put up a variety of boxes to suit different species of birds,” explained Ethan. “We have boxes for Robins and Blackbirds, but also some smaller holed boxes for birds like Wrens and Blue Tits.”

Next on their list of jobs was the assembly of a bird feeding station. Again the children thought about the design of this, as they wanted it to be able to feed a variety of birds as well as providing water for the birds to drink or bathe in.

Another job to complete, was the positioning of our new picnic tables.

“We decided to put the tables in a circle around the Willow tree in the middle of the garden because that is where the cross is and reminds us that God made this beautiful garden and everything in it for us to enjoy. We also thought that the leaves on the Willow tree will give us some nice, cool shade when we eat out lunches out in the garden in the summer,” explained Ashante.

The final task, was to tidy and re-plant our prayer garden with spring bulbs and flowers – again plants were chosen carefully to reflect the different types of prayer we offer to God.

I’m sure you’ll agree, the children did an excellent job, the garden looks great and will definitely provide a place for all of God’s creation to enjoy in the coming spring and summer months.

PS The colourful costumes are not our usual school uniform – it just also happened to be World Book Day!!

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