This week our Mini Vinnies launched this years CAFOD campaign, which together with St Cuthbert’s Care, is the main focus of our Lenten ‘Fundraising Fridays.

The Mini Vinnies planned and presented an assembly which introduced the Give it up challenge – during Lent, we are all asked to give up something we enjoy, like chocolate or crisps, and give the money we save to CAFOD. Or we could get sponsored to give up something bigger, like gaming or social media, for one or more days a week. The children explained how the monies raised will be used by CAFOD to support lots of different communities and families like Mahinur’s family. Mahinur, Khalek and 12-year-old Rabiul live in a remote area of Bangladesh in an area badly hit by climate change. Cyclones are common, and salty sea water often floods the rice fields. But last year’s drought was devastating for this family. The children were told how after 20 minutes of fishing in the river outside her home, Mahinur had caught just one small fish – which was obviously not enough to feed her and her family. THe Mini Vinnies then reminded the classes how our pennies and pounds can make a real difference to Mahinur’s family and to other families like hers. For example: £1 can buy a fruit tree sapling for a family. £7 provides rice seeds that will survive in salty water. £26 buys ten ducks that are hardy to local diseases.And if we work together to raise £167, we can buy a fish pond protected from threats like being flooded by salty water, so that a family can breed their own fish

Over the next few weeks, following their Lenten Liturgy, each class will be planning a different ‘Friday Fundraser’ – please be as generous as you can. Thank you..

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