Parents and Parishioners joined us for the second of our Advent Liturgies led by Year 5 and Year 6 as well as Deacon Peter who gave a wonderful homily all about preparing and finding peace in our hearts ready for the arrival of God’s Son, Jesus in a couple of weeks time. During the liturgy, the children lit our Bethlehem candle, the candle of peace, to remind everyone of the words of the prophet Isaiah, who spoke of the coming of a new king, who would restore peace and harmony to the whole world. We were reminded of the special journey undertaken by Mary and Joseph who travelled to Bethlehem, which was one of the smallest and most unimportant towns in Judea, and it was here that the Promised One was born. In Advent we remember God’s promise of peace. The world can know peace if we love and forgive each other and try to live together in harmony. The children then offered their own Peace Prayer Paperchain, each interlinking part of the chain containing a prayer for peace written by every child in Y5 & Y6. The Liturgy ended with a wonderful liturgical dance (see photos below) and, after a blessing given by Deacon Peter, all of the classes left the hall very quietly.

Mrs McDermott thanked all those parents and parishioners who had attended and received some lovely comments about how peaceful and special the whole liturgy had been, ‘a welcome moment of quiet and prayers at this hectic time of year‘ was how one parent described it.

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