Our Year 3 and Year 4 classes led a beautiful Advent Liturgy today to mark the third week of Advent. As they lit the Shepherds’ candle, the rose coloured candle of joy, the readers reminded us of the joy felt by those shepherds when they gazed upon the Son of God in a stable. They knew, as we do, that Jesus is the light of the world and that he comes for all mankind. Between now and Christmas day our hearts are full of expectation as we wait in joyful hope for the coming of Jesus. The children’s prayers then focused on how we could continue to prepare our hearts for His coming by trying our best to walk as children of the light during advent. Christmas for most of us is a joyful time. A time of presents and fun; it can feel like our hearts are full of excitement and joy. It is during moments like these – times of prayer and reflection – that we have the opportunity to pause and think of the true meaning of Christmas.

With a mixture of prayer, hymns, psalms and a wonderful liturgical dance (choreographed by two of our Y5 children Sophia-Lily and Ellen) this joyful liturgy gave us all, children, staff, parents and parishioners alike an opportunity to take time out of our busy Christmas schedules and focus on the joy that God brings to all of our lives.

‘I think the children will be doing me out of a job soon!’ said Deacon Peter. ‘That was a wonderful liturgy, a really joyous start to the day – thank you.’


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