As part of our school development ‘Writing Action’ plan to further improve the writing skills of our pupils, today the children in Years 3 & Y6 worked together to produce a diary extract. Once it was completed, the Y6 children showed the Y3 how to self-assess and peer mark their work. Miss Allon and Miss Cameron said that the sessions had been really good and very enjoyable with some excellent examples of work being produced (see below):

‘Our children are so sensible at working together and are so committed to helping each other. As with everything at St Joseph’s they all approached this task with both enthusiastic and a growth mindset,” (Miss Allon, Y3).

‘I have been so impressed with the quality of work produced by the Y3 children, I think it also surprised some of our Y6 children! The peer marking also helped the Year 6 pupils to put their grammar and punctuation skills into action.’ (Miss Cameron, Y6) 

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