At the beginning of the autumn term we invited author Peter Barron to come into school to share with us his book ‘Snowdrop the Spikeshuffler’. The themes and important messages of his book – explained to and explored with the children through an assembly and workshops – was never judge anyone just because they are different.

Snowdrop was different from the very beginning. From the moment he came into the world in the warm, cosy nest beneath the old hedgerow, the difference couldn’t be hidden. And, as a result, it seemed that his stay on earth was destined to be brief. Snowdrop the Spikeshuffler is dedicated to anyone who has ever been judged because, in the eyes of others, they were different.

The children then created various pieces of work, which are displayed in the corridor, around this theme including poems which explained the meaning of diversity and also showed their understanding autism and other disabilities which may not always be apparent or visible.

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