The children of St Joseph’s Juniors love reading and writing and so as a special treat, we invited author Stuart Reid to come and visit our school to share with us his series of books all about ‘Gorgeous George’. The day began with an amazing assembly, which was very interactive and needed lots of volunteers including Mr Shields who did a marvellous impression of an elephant (see photographs below). Stuart introduced his characters and read excerpts from his books which had everyone in suspense and wanting to hear more. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect from one of Stuart’s books:

Bogies, baddies, bagpipes and bums! Farting, false teeth and fun! Gorgeous George and the Giant Geriatric Generator begins when George witnesses something rather disturbing from his bedroom window late one night. Maybe it was a UFO or a ghostly apparition, or maybe it’s even more sinister. Whatever it was, nobody believes him. People are disappearing fast and no one seems to care. Why are the people of Little Pumpington so miserable? Why has his evil teacher started smelling of wee? Why is Mr Watt so fat? Why does Mr Jolly the Janitor collect hundreds of pairs of false teeth in a cupboard in his workshop? And what will happen when mad Kenny sticks two crayons up his nose? (From Gorgeous George: And the Giant Geriatric Generator by Stuart Reid).

After the assembly, there was an opportunity for the children to buy books, which Stuart very kindly signed, adding a personalised message for each child. Then he led workshops in every class which really inspired our children to be even more creative in their own writing, see comments below:

“I loved his Scottish accent, especially when he said ‘boogers’, it was so funny and gross.” (Archie Y5)

“We liked it when he keep saying ‘leprechaun’ because then he had to do an Irish jig and some children had to do the ‘floss’ to help him stop.” (Jessie & Toby Y5)

“I thought he was brilliant! He inspired me to keep writing especially when he said we could be authors like him.” (Rebecca Y5)

Teachers and pupils agreed emphatically that the whole day had been a huge success. Mrs Thomson (Y5 Class Teacher) said that since Stuart’s visit the stories have been flooding in. Mrs McDermott (Head Teacher) agreed saying that she was sure lots of our children had been enthused and inspired by the energy and enthusiasm shown by Stuart, ‘Stuart’s books are hilarious and just want children want to read and write themselves,’ she said.



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