On Friday, Year 5 visited the Oriental Museum in Durham to explore the culture of Asia, specifically the Orient, having being inspired by their work in literacy studying the book Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. The class took part in a number of activities throughout the day including: painting in the Japanese style using inks, Japanese writing and a treasure trail game involving a close study of the artefacts displayed in the main gallery, which gave them a fascinating insight into Japanese culture. The children learned about the Way of the Samurai, the importance of tea ceremonies and fashion; even the boys enjoyed trying on the kimono! The children were also treated to a sneaky peek into the Egyptian Gallery where they were able to see the museum’s famous mummies.

Here’s what the children thought of their visit…

“I enjoyed the whole day! We learnt how Japanese children kneel instead of sitting cross-legged. It’s to make sure they can draw their Samurai sword easily if they need to! I’m going to kneel from now on…” (Joe, Y5) 

“I really loved the painting activity, we had to paint with different shades of black and we could only use water to make it lighter. I painted a mouse! (Ruby T, Y5)

“I thought handling the Japanese artefacts was great. One of the challenges was to try to dress in a kimono – there were lots of rules on how to do it properly!” (Scarlett, Y5)

 The whole class agreed that the visit had been fantastic, 10 ten out of 10 and that includes our teaching staff too, who said they would highly recommend it.


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