October is widely recognised as the month of the Rosary (7th October being the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary) and so during October at St Joseph’s Juniors we pray part of the Rosary every day. Praying Hail Marys using beads began in the 12th Century, nearly 1000 years ago! Eventually this became known as praying ‘rosaries’ from the Latin word ‘rosary’, which means ‘garland of roses’. The rose is a symbol of Our Lady. The Rosary prayer focuses on important moments in the life of Jesus. The beads of the rosary are divided into five decades and each decade represents an event in Christ’s life called mysteries. In our Monday morning assemblies during October, we have been praying a decade of the rosary together as a whole school (see photographs below) and offering up these special prayers for someone we know who is in need of them.

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