Our three parish schools came together this week for a mass in St Joseph’s Church to give thanks for the Harvest. The church was full of parents and parishioners too, for this joyful celebration and both Father Paul and Deacon Peter remarked on how wonderful the singing was and how reverent the children were during the service. As we always do every year, all of our schools had collected food items for the Peoples Kitchen in Newcastle who were very grateful to receive our donations.

“I think it’s a good idea to give food to the People’s Kitchen because some people are homeless, helpless and hungry and  that’s not right.” (Marnie Y4)

We collect food for the People’s Kitchen at Harvest time because some people don’t have enough money to buy food but if they go to the People’s Kitchen they can get a warm meal for free.” (Ye Lin Y4)

“Jesus taught us not to be greedy and to share what we have, that’s why it is important to collect food for the People’s Kitchen.” (Leighton Y4)

“Jesus said ‘love one another as I have loved you’. And he said ‘whatever you do for my brothers and sisters, you do for me’. We can show that we are following Jesus’ example by helping the People’s Kitchen. (Connie Y4)


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