Year 5 visited the River Breamish in Northumberland on Thursday 24th May to take part in a Geography field trip, as part of their Rivers topic in Geography. The visit was the second part of a river investigation led by members of Northumberland National Park Authority’s learning team, The Sill.

Following a session in school, where they learned more about the different features of a river and planned their field trip, the second part of the investigation took place on site at the River Breamish. The class explored the river and its surrounding areas, investigated the river’s characteristics, discovered some of the animals that live beneath its surface and gained an understanding of how the river has shaped the landscape over the centuries.

The children were blessed with beautiful weather and had a fantastic time in the river, spotting a variety of wildlife, including tadpoles and fish, and measuring the river’s depth and speed.

The class particularly enjoyed climbing up Brough Law, a hill topped by an Ironage Hillfort. They displayed exceptional resilience and teamwork on the climb, reassuring Mrs Thomson and Miss Kennedy, who accompanied them, that they were more than ready for the challenges they’d be facing at Ullswater in Year 6!


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