As part of their History topic for this term, our Year 3 class visited Segedunum, a large interactive museum which features ruins of a Roman fort, a section of the Wall and a 35 metre high viewing tower which provides outstanding views across this World Heritage Site.Segedunum, which means ‘Strong Fort’, was built to guard the eastern end of the Wall, and housed 600 Roman soldiers.  It stood for almost 300 years as a symbol of Roman rule and a bastion against barbarian attack, which is why Year 3 were recruited as Roman soldiers.

The children were informed of their role in the Roman army… 

‘Soldiers! you will be defending the empire and the Emperor expects his soldiers to be ready to face the fierce tribes of the North.’

The children were able to handle and try on a Roman soldier’s equipment and then when they were all dressed as soldiers of the Roman Empire, they learnt how to march, care for their equipment and train for battle. 

“It was amazing! I loved being a Roman solider and dressing up in their uniform.”  Connie 

“I think life as a Roman solider was tough and quite scary!”  Chinmayi 

“It was the best day of my life!”  Danny

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