The Mini Vinnies planned and led a wonderful assembly this morning to introduce the themes and issues behind our CAFOD fundraising this year. The campaign this year is called ‘Give it Up’ and the children explained how monies raised during our ‘Fundraising Fridays’ would be used to support the work of CAFOD, who believe in a better world, where no one lives in poverty and each of us can become the best person we can be. In a world without poverty, people have clean, safe water to drink and enough food to eat. They have crops to plant in their fields. Everyone has a safe home with access to toilets, children can go to school, and anyone who is sick can visit a doctor or nurse. All of the things that we all take for granted!

The children then went on to explain how our school can help to support Cafod in building a better world and called upon all pupils to take the challenge and give it up this Lent. Whether it’s biscuits, sweets, or something else, their message was choose something, give it up and donate the money you save. They encouraged the children to think of something more challenging, like giving up all technology including mobile phones!! and get sponsored to give it up. The following slogans were introduced to give some very practical examples of the different our efforts could make: Biscuits to beans – give up biscuits and the money you save could buy a sack of beans for a family to plant! Apps to taps – give up your phone and the money raised will provide clean and safe water for a whole community! Treats to toilets – give up treats like cupcakes or trips to the cinema and the money raised will save hundreds of lives lost because of poor sanitation!

During Lent monies raised will be shared equally between a local charity (St Cuthbert’s Care) and CAFOD, so please support our ‘Fundraising Fridays’ (see flyer below) and help our pupils to make a huge difference to the lives of our brothers and sisters both at home in our communities and abroad.


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