Well done to our two teams who represented St Joseph’s Juniors in the Gateshead Schools Boccia Competition (see photos below). Boccia is a sport designed for and enjoyed by all athletes, including those who may have some sort of disability. It is a target sport played indoors with soft leather balls and is very popular with all of our pupils. There are five players on a team and they take it in turns to try to propel balls to land close to a target ball. Two sides compete as individuals, pairs or as a team of three over a set number of ends. Each side has six balls (red or blue) each end to try and score points.It is a game of strategy and accuracy as our teams found out! Mr Shields said he was very impressed with all of the players, though he did make special mention of Emily from Y5 who he said showed a particular talent and played some very precise shots. The teams finished second in the first ’round robin’ stage of Group 1 but unfortunately didn’t make the final despite scoring an impressive 9 points in one game.

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