Year 3 led us in a beautiful liturgy to mark the beginning of Advent. The children told the whole school, who had gathered quietly in the hall, about the ‘Candle of Hope’ or ‘The Prophets Candle’ through the words of Isaiah:

Console my people, console them, says your God. Speak to their hearts and tell them that their sins are forgiven. Prepare for God’s coming. A voice cries out, ‘Prepare a way for our God in the wilderness, Make a straight path across the desert. Let every valley be filled in. Let every mountain and hill be levelled. Then the glory of God will be made known and the whole human race will see it.’ Go up to the top of a high mountain joyful messenger to my people shout as loud as you can. Proclaim the good news for everyone to hear. Say to them all, ‘Here is your God!’

A combination of wonderful readings, beautiful singing and thoughtful prayers made this a very special start to the season of Advent.



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