This week our Year 6 class visited SafetyWorks in Newcastle. SafetyWorks is a life sized, safety ‘town’ of scenarios which are traditionally built ‘bricks and mortar’ scenes from everyday life. They include a house, road with pedestrian crossing, police station, hospital A&E room, park with open water and much more. A wide range of important safety messages can be delivered at SafetyWorks from Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service and professionals employed by our Partners Organisations. Year 6 took full advantage of this interactive learning experience and came away with a lot of essential skills designed to keep themselves safe and could even help them save a life!

“The children were brilliant!” said Miss Cameron (Class Teacher), “I was so impressed at how much they knew but how keen they were to learn more.”

“My daughter came home and did a complete safety audit around our house,” said one parent, “she was telling me off for leaving the ipad on the bed! I was very impressed at how much she’d learnt.”


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