This week Year 5 visited the Oriental Museum in Durham to explore the culture of Asia, specifically the Orient, having being inspired by their work in literacy studying the book Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. The class took part in a number of activities throughout the day including: learning to speak Japanese, taking part in an authentic Tea Ceremony (and for lots of the children trying Green Tea for the first time), painting in the Japanese style using inks and a treasure trail game involving a close study of the artefacts displayed in the main gallery (see below). Here’s what the children thought of their visit

“I loved the whole day! We learnt about the Japanese word ‘kawaii’ there isn’t really an English word for it but it means ‘super cute’, it was a word invented to introduce a culture of cuteness after the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to help people feel better and get over their terrible ordeal. Examples of this would be ‘Hello Kitty’ toys and Manga cartoons. I thought learning about that was fascinating.” (Leni, Y5)

“I really liked the painting activity, we had to paint with different shades of black ink and try to capture the ‘essence of an animal’.” (Matthew N, Y5)

“I thought the challenges were great, one of the challenges was to give someone instructions of how to dress in a kimono.” (Olivia, Y5)

The whole class agreed that the visit had been fantastic, 10 ten out of 10 and that includes our teaching staff too, who said they would highly recommend it.

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