To celebrate October as the special month of the rosary and prayers dedicated to the honour of Our Lady, Mrs Thomson led an assembly explaining the different mysteries and how to pray the rosary. She sourced class sets of rosary beads and encouraged the children to bring their own rosary beads into school and every day throughout the whole month, the children said a decade of the rosary in their class groups. We also took part in the ‘One million children pray the rosary’ event. Each year on 18 October, one million children around the world pray the Holy Rosary. The idea began in Caracas, Venezuela in 2005 and grew to be a national project of the Venezuelan Church. The idea was to introduce children to praying the Rosary and to ask them to pray particularly for personal peace and family peace, as well as unity and peace throughout the world. It is not just South America that has joined the ‘One Million Children’ campaign. It is also prayed in Nigeria and Burundi, in Russia, Poland, Croatia, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Germany and the USA. Schools around the world have joined in and, this year, schools in England and Wales are being invited to join in the initiative. So, on Monday 18th October at 9:00am, the whole school met in the hall to pray the rosary – it was hoped that there would be over one million children all over the world, praying the rosary for peace in our families and peace in the world.

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