This term, Year 4 have been involved with a project called ‘My Neighbour and Me’.  Lots of year 4 classes in Gateshead were partnered with a school from the neighbouring Local Authority, County Durham. The aim of the project was to recognise the cultural diversity that exists in our communities and allow children to explore the different communities that make up the region.  Twelve Year 4 pupils went along to the Dryden Centre, in Gateshead, to meet our friends from our partner school, St. Oswald’s (Durham).

With our partner school, we took part in three workshops where we learnt about customs and traditions of France, India and China.  It was a super day with the highlight being meeting our partner school friends, who we had already introduced ourselves to earlier this term, by creating a PowerPoint about or school and local area. Now that we have established these links, we are keen to continue with more joint projects/activities in the coming academic year.

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