At St Joseph’s Juniors we are always looking for opportunities to promote British Values and learning all about today’s General Election gives us an opportunity to explore the idea of democracy. Following a whole school assembly led by Mrs McDermott, the children from our Year 6 class, who had organised themselves into 5 different political parties:

The Universal Party, The Party for the Common Good, the PPP (Pupil Political Party), the Future Face Party and the New Hope Party

each presented their manifestos (see below). The policies they focused on areas included education, the NHS, defence, the environment, immigration and Brexit. Each party put forward their proposed future spending in these areas and the reasons behind their decision-making. The floor was then opened for questions from the rest of school, some of which really made the parties think, particularly the question, ‘Why should i vote for your party rather than the other parties?’

After a summary of their main policies by each of the party leaders, the rest of the school were left to make up their minds as to how to cast their vote. The hall then became a Polling Station (see photographs below) – pupils had to register to vote, after which they received a Ballot paper. The appointed returning officers will count the votes, checking for any spoilt ballot papers and then announce the results in tomorrows assembly.

Good luck to all of our parties and well done on your excellent presenting skills!

Party manifestos

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