We have now reached the third week of Advent and we find ourselves ever closer to Christmas. In their liturgy, Year 5 described how the people of God had been waiting for the Messiah, promised by prophets, for hundreds of years, yet this special baby’s first visitors were lowly shepherds, poor and humble, with no neatly wrapped presents for the family. As they lit the Shepherds’ candle, the candle of joy, Year 5 reminded us of the joy felt by those shepherds when they gazed upon the Son of God in a stable and of the message given to us all of God’s unconditional love and promise that one day he will come to us again.

Once again, just like the classes before them, Year 5 have provided us with a very spiritual and peaceful moment of reflection during these very busy last two weeks of term. It was lovely to be able to sit quietly in the candle lit hall and focus on the real meaning of this special season.

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