As a reward for winning the best attendance for the Summer Term (2016), our Year 6 class voted to go on a cycle ride around Herrington Country Park. Marcus and Richard, from Schools Go Smarter, met us at the park where the class were divided into two groups. One group took part in a walking tour of the park, which including following the environmental sculpture trail and bird watching on the lake where a huge group of geese were wintering, while the second group took to their bikes and began cycling around the beautiful trails in the park. Following a picnic lunch, the two groups swapped activities for the afternoon session.

“It was an excellent day,” said Mr Shaw, “the children really enjoyed it and Marcus and Richard were brilliant guides.”

“The children were all really enthusiastic,” commented Mr Shields, “I was really impressed with their cycling skills.”

The two instructors, Marcus and Richard were very impressed with all of the children, but Richard said he was particularly impressed with Freya’s cycling abilities, in particular her ability to ascend hills, saying he was actually having to ‘do some work’ to keep up with her on the climb! The class themselves give the visit a unanimous thumbs up and said they would definitely recommend it to any other class who is lucky enough to win the attendance competition this term.

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