Our Y4 class recently visited Washington Old Hall to take part in a ‘living history’ lesson. The children, who were dressed in typical Tudor costume, experienced what life was like in Tudor times. They children were given the chance to explore life in Tudor times through the eyes of a peasant seeking work in the manor of Washington. They discovered Find out the differences between rich and poor, dress in a 16th-century costume, attend a banquet, play with Tudor toys and make Tudor crafts. 

“My group were dressed in Tudor peasant clothes and taken to the kitchen. We were all given different jobs to do: Francesca was the cook, Thomas was the spit wheeler, Melanie was a candle maker and I was a wood cutter.” David.

“I liked looking at the knot garden and walking in the nuttery. We also saw a tall tree called the ‘Red Tree’ where the woodcutters went for shelter.” Olivia.

“The banquet was great, but before we started the lady had to tell us the rules for eating.” Tia.

“I liked the panel room where the lady of the manor and her maid would go to have some peace and quiet. The lady would also go there to read her bible.” Neve C

“The day was a great success,” said Miss Allon, “as ever the children behaved so well and impressed the staff at the hall with all their knowledge of the Tudors.”

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