This half-term the Year 4 class have been studying one of William Shakespeare’s most famous plays – the play actors refuse to name for fear of being cursed with bad luck – MacBeth! After reading the book, Miss Allon thought it would be a good idea to invite a couple of professional actors into school to work with the children on their own performance of this rather bloodthirsty play, so she got in touch with a company called Shakespeare4kidz. The children really enjoyed their acting master class where the everyone had a part to play.

“I like being MacBeth because I got to fight with a sword,” said Sanjosh.

“I liked the bit when we all got to be witches and had to chant hubble, bubble, “ said Abbey & Neve.

“The people from the Shakespeare4kidz company were very impressed with the children’s knowledge of the play, their understanding of the plot and the confidence they showed in their performance, “ commented Miss Allon.

See how the afternoon went in the photographs below:

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