Last week all of our classes took part in the Young People’s Programme at the British Science Festival hosted by Newcastle University. The visit involved a whole day of scientific fun as the children took part in various workshops and ‘hands-on’ activities which Keisha in Y4 thought was ‘brilliant!’

“I liked the activity when you had to match different scans of fruit with the right fruit, I got half right because they’re were some really unusual fruits!” said Anya (Y5)

“The balloon kebab was fun!” said Casey (Y5).

“I loved the whole day because they showed us how to make a balloon buggy out of just rubbish,” said Elliott (Y5).


“My favourite activity was when we learnt about forces with a balloon and spikes,” said Kara (Y5).

Sanjosh (Y4) said he particularly liked the solar-powered car: “It was really cool when it started moving.”


“The pigs lungs were disgusting,” said Gerry (Y4) “you could see the windpipe and everything.”

“I liked it when me and Tia were inside a giant bubble,” said Abbie (Y4).

“The best bit was when the man ignited some jet fuel and it blew the cap off the bottle,” explained Harry (Y4).

All classes unanimously agreed that they’d had a brilliant day and the teachers too were very impressed at how well resourced and organised the whole event had been. “We now have a school full of budding scientists,” said Mrs Davies, “it is something that we will definitely sign up again for next year. ”

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